Where to stay at Thekkady?

Coffee and Pepper Homestay Thekkady

Where to stay at Thekkady?

January 8, 2022 Thekkady Homestay 0

Confused about what to do in Thekkady? This can help you.

When you search for thekkady countless list of Resorts and Homestays popup But if you are looking for getting the best experience of culture and traditional kerala food you should go for homestays.

The number of classy traditional homestays are very less so in this blog I will introduce you to Coffee and Pepper plantation Homestay which gives you the right experience if you are looking for kerala culture and keralas traditional cuisine.

Why should you choose Coffee and Pepper?

Thekkady is all about forest,wildlife,spices,food etc. If you choose Coffee and Pepper we are guaranteed you will get the best of all.We will make sure you are very happy when you leave here.

Our property is situated in the middle of 4 acres of Organic Coffee,Pepper and spices Plantation. We are able to show you the cultivation,harvesting,planting of spices,coffee,cocoa,cardamom and herbs.

By taking a guided walk through our plantation you will be getting the best experience of cultivating spices and maintaining of plantation. If you are interested you are able to get the experience of harvesting by your own.

Other things to do in Thekkady

Main attraction of thekkady is Periyar tiger reserve and the activities inside.The main activities are Boating inside forest and many kinds of guided walks through forest.

There are other activities like Off road jeep safari, kaddhakalkalaripayattu shows,Viewpoint visits,site seeing etc and we are able to guide you through each and every activities that can be done here. We can arrange tickets and other arrangements for your best experience in thekkady and we will give you information’s about anything that you need in thekkady.

How to Book?

You can book your room through most of the Hotel room booking Websites or you can book your room contacting us directly through Email,Phone,Google or whats app.

Email; coffeandpepper@gmail.com


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